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Paul Gillis frequently appears on leading business radio and TV channels and is often quoted in international newspapers and magazines.  

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Some recent press reports quoting Professor Gillis:

China sells off stock of US treasury securities to protect yuan - Voice of America
Trump’s SEC may take aim at corporate disclosure - Marketwatch
PCAOB Chair goes on defensive - CFO 
TTIP in trouble - CCTV Dialogue
U.S. may finally get a peek at the books of Alibaba, Baidu - Wall Street Journal
Alibaba facing SEC investigation over accounting practices - Bloomberg
China troubles for Apple and Disney have Western media on edge - CNN
Bounty hunter tracks Chinese companies that dupe investors - New York TimesMainland China’s new securities chief details tasks facing senior regulatory officials - South China Morning Post
New Chinese rules on foreign firm’s online content - New York Times
China requires approval for foreign firms to publish online - Associated Press
Chinese shadow banking scandal blights Lixil’s international expansion strategy - Financial Times
Beijing’s crackdown on brokerages designed to break up China’s power - SCMP
It’s open season on China’s securities firms as probes intensify - Bloomberg
Chinese companies face hard sell on Wall Street - South China Morning PostUS, China make progress toward trade and investment deal - The Wall Street Journal
CITIC Securities’ trek from Goldman Sachs of China to scapegoat - Bloomberg Business 
Auditor’s fears increase over Hong Kong companies - Financial Times

China’s incendiary market is fanned by borrowers and manipulation - The New York Times.
Chinese companies may regret going home to China’s stock markets - Fortune
US regulators plan first-ever inspection of audit firm in China - Asian Legal Business
In China buyout boom, one man stakes claim as king of rainmakers - Bloomberg
A tidal wave of Chinese money is causing chaos in Hong Kong’s stock market - Quartz
US market falls out of favor with Chinese firms - Nikkei Asian Review
 Alibaba has new & younger CEO in charge- Xinhua
Late audits halt trading in Morgan Stanley-backed stocks - AP
Les cabinets d’audit font du sur-mesure pour la Chine - Le Monde
Sunbridge Group Ltd slammed down 10.7% - The Motley Fool Australia
Will China Inc. fall victim to accounting fraud? - Asia Sentinel
SEC v China’s Big Four, dust has yet to settle - Xinhua 
SEC’s settlement with the Chinese Big Four does little for investors: Professor Gillis - The Accountant
SEC, Big Four accounting firms in China settle dispute - The Wall Street Journal
China to crack down on tax collection from multinational companies - The New York Times
China proposes to change status of foreign stakes in tech sector - Financial Times
How China’s new foreign investment rules might play out- The Wall Street Journal
A boom year for China’s tech companies - Aljazerra
Alibaba film unit’s tax missteps blamed on lax controls - Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley said to have pushed murky Chinese stock - Associated Press
Hong Kong stock regulators struggle to spot fraud - abc News
Should Alibaba’s singles’s day volume be 25% smaller? - The Wall Street Journal
Tops in e-commerce, Alibaba is now taking on China’s banks - The New York Times
On eve of Alibaba IPO, senator urges SEC to look at risks in some Chinese offerings - The New York Times
Alibaba risk: China rise leaves out investors - The Sacramento Bee
Is Alibaba a good investment? The Christian Science Monitor
Chinese-Australian accounting firm Hall Chadwick plans for growth - Public Accountant
When investors buy Alibaba shares, they won’t get what they paid for - NPR
Journalists in China describe extortion - The New York Times
Value of two Alibaba units adds intrigue to IPO - The Wall Street Journal
Alibaba discovers suspicious accounting at film unit - The New York Times
Alibaba merger machine stumbles as movie arm’s books questioned - Bloomberg
Alibaba bonus scheme strengthens Ma’s control - Reuters
Alibaba nears SEC blessing as biggest IPO causes few ripples - Bloomberg
Investors respond to Hong Kong’s huge pro-democracy protests with a great big “meh” - Quartz
Big Four accountancy firms take flak for anti-occupy stance - The Wall Street Journal
US Report casts doubt on legal structure of Alibaba, other Chinese firms - The Wall Street Journal
Alibaba buys into soccer team after billionaire’s drinks - Bloomberg 
SEC buys time trying to settle with Big Four firms over China flap - Compliance Week
Ruling complicates global fight on auditing of Chinese firms - The Wall Street Journal
Hong Kong court orders EY to hand over mainland China audit papers - Reuters
Chinese regulators look to ban foreign auditors - The Accountant
Can the accounting derail Alibaba’s massive IPO? - CFOinnovation
Follow the money in Chinese listings - The Wall Street Journal
China firms slow payments, file lawsuits, as unpaid debt weighs on finances - Reuters
Who is checking the numbers at Alibaba? - BloombergView
Opinion: Why the audit disclosure feud needs compromise - China Law & Practice
A wrinkle to those hot Chinese tech IPOs - ChinaFile
A glitch in the cash machine - Foreign Policy
The Singapore Solution to China’s stock woes - Wall Street Journal
Alibaba’s spurning of Hong Kong listing has downsides - Wall Street Journal
The Big Four: Crouching tiger, hiding auditor - Cornell Law Journal
The SEC shouldn’t forget that Beijing always wins - China Economic Review
Autohome rides China trends, but structure poses risk - Investors Business Daily
The US and China square off over cross-border listings - East Asia Forum
China,the Big Four, and a world of change - Economia
Accountants PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY face taming moves - Financial Times
Big Four’s China affiliates mull workaround - The Wall Street Journal
China’s offshore leaks - So What? - Chinafile
Interview with Professsor Paul Gillis - Masters in Accounting
SEC, Deloitte, Longtop case resolution raises hopes for solving US audit ban - The Corporate Treasurer
Judge’s ruling on accounting firms in China touches on Hong Kong units - The Wall Street Journal
Audit in their hands: what China can tell us about audit rotation - Accountancy Age
SEC issues ban over Big Four audits - Economia
China joint ventures banned - Spy Ghana
What’s next for Big Four audit firms in China? - The Wall Street Journal
China warns U.S. of consequences from barring auditors - Bloomberg
Report reveals offshore dealings of China’s elite - BBC News
SEC bans Big Four China affiliates over audit work papers - Compliance Week
Judge suspends Chinese units of Big Four auditors - The Wall Street Journal
SEC judge suspends Big Four China units over audits - Reuters
Bankers expect rise in Chinese IPOs in 2014 - Compliance Week
Carson Block sticks by China short calls as buyers circle - Marketwatch
China’s audit rotation - Economia
Top manufacturers returning jobs back to states from China - Pittsburgh Tribune
Baidu forced to add warnings as regulators focus on China stocks - Bloomberg
Weil on finance: Beware of Chinese VIEs - Bloomberg
KPMG: Turned over China documents to US regulators - The Wall Street Journal
China Cinda soars in Hong Kong debute - The Wall Street Journal
China’s next IPO tidal wave - CNBC
Rotation threats put audit in a spin - A Plus
SEC bans accounting firms for “botched’ Chinese audits - Financial Times
About those U.S. listed IPOs… - Financial Times
PwC, Booz & Company ink merger - Xinhua
It’s time for Chinese firms to play offense against the shorts - The Wall Street Journal
Weil on Finance: Countering Muddy Waters - Bloomberg
China delays Suntech bankruptcy hearing - Financial Times
Jack Ma, the mogul headed to Wall Street - Financial Times
Xinhua Insight: Big Four no longer the biggest - Xinhua
Does it all add up?: The U.S.-China auditing dispute - USC-China Institute
Visas for rich Chinese tied to Clintons - Pittsburgh Tribune
How GlaxoSmithKline missed red flags in China - Reuters 
Paul Gillis: VIEs no longer viable - International Financial Law Review
U.S. China auditing agreement to boost corporate transparency
China court ruling could threaten foreign investments in country - International Herald 
In China, concern about a chill on foreign investments - New York 
Lawyers see investor risk lurking in legal structure of China IPOs - International Financial Review
A measly deal - China Economic Review
There's no accounting for China's accounting - The Wall Street Journal
China in soft power push with foreign students - CNN
Sino-US audit deal hailed, but questions remain - Global Times
US auditing watchdog moves closer to China deal - Financial Times

US-China audit fight: Armeggedon averted?  - Financial Times
Can the SEC demand information from the China arms of accounting firms? CKGSB Knowledge
Pushing for end to deadlock over China's audit secrets - South China Morning Post
The importance of knowing who does the auditing - South China Morning Post
Hong Kong quizzes Big Four partner as audit battle broadens - Reuters
Reverse mergers: A looming U.S.-China showdown over securities regulations - Knowledge at Wharton
Auditing spat dividing U.S. and China turns ugly - Caixin
U.S. takes accounting firms to court - People's Daily
A solution for China v. SEC - Financial Times
Chinese companies caught in SEC crossfire - Financial Times
Baidu, Sina drop on SEC/China accounting impasse - Financial Times
U.S. multinationals fear fallout from U.S.- China audit row - Reuters
As listings declined, exchanges hit the road - The Wall Street Journal
Analysis: "Caveat emptor" as foreigners rush to ride China rebound - Reuters
Dispute over Chinese auditing firms enters next round - The Asset
Reversing Course on China - The Wall Street Journal
U.S. reaches auditing deal with China - The New York Times
Selling China Short - Amcham
Paul Gillis on how to take everything into account - Agenda
Pioneer Chinese short-seller seeks to cleanse market for profit - Reuters
Chinese companies getting delisted - China Radio International
Ernst & Young taken to court over records - The New York Times

HK regulator takes Ernst & Young to court for work papers - Reuters
Chinese accounting earns tough stance - The Wall Street Journal
U.S. probe into Chinese client deals fresh challenge to Deloitte - Reuters
China Development Bank to U.S. listed Chinese companies: Time to come home - Financial Times
Paul Gillis: mass delisting risk in US/China accounting scandal - Financial Times
SEC seeks Big Four audit papers from China - Reuters
Called to account - BBC
Watchdogs Growl over Concept Stock Probes - Caixin
Hire Local Rule Puts Big Four at Crossroads - Caixin
Internal control: Foreign auditors in China are being squeezed from all sides - The Economist
China wants control of foreign auditing firms - The Wall Street Journal
China unveils accounting sector overhaul - Financial Times
Big Four audit firms set to go local in China - Caixin
China: Big Four auditors must go local - Financial Times
China orders Big Four auditors to restructure - Reuters
SEC charges Deloitte unit over audit work papers - Reuters
China audits see new heat - The Wall Street Journal
China-US Summit Avoids Showdown on Audit Inspections - Forbes
Chinese groups fail to meet US results deadline - Financial Times
Battle over a Chinese company turns physical - The New York Times
Selling Chinese companies short becomes complex - Financial Times
The joys of auditing a China short target - Financial Times
Problems at ChinaCast highlight issues with VIEs and Deloitte's China challenge - Reuters
Dongfang beset by cross-currents - Financial Times
Auditors on alert over China's reporting season - Financial Times
Deloitte quits second Chinese firm as auditor fears grow - Reuters
Accounting for lost time - Global Times
Worries for Wizards - The New York Times
Paving the Path to Fraud on Wall Street - The New York Times
Deloitte's Boshiwa exit a precursor to more China auditor resignations - Reuters
Loosening of Regulations will make U.S. a Less Safe Place to Invest - The Globe and Mail
Big Four Auditors Brace for Big Changes in China - Reuters
Fraud Allegations, Delistings Could Cost American Investors Dearly - Pittsburg Tribune-Review
MGSM Student Receives Prestigious Doctoral Award for Thesis - MGSM
A Loophole Poses Risks to Investors in Chinese Companies - The New York Times
China experts warn investors to be careful - Financial Times
Some Chinese Companies Giving Up Their U.S. Listing - USA Today
Merger of U.S., Chinese Firms is a Cautionary Tale - USA Today
Top 10 Scandals, Arrests, Lawsuits and Settlements That Rocked the Financial World in 2011 - Sustainable Finance
Sino-Forest Probe Raises as Many Questions as it Answers - The Globe and Mail
U.S. Regulators Play Hardball: China Plays Hard to Get - Accountancy Age
Sino-Forest says independent panel finds no evidence of fraud - Financial Post
U.S. listed Chinese firms welcome to come home - Reuters
China and US in Standoff over Auditors - Financial Times
Will China Remain Hungry? - ABC
China Money Podcast with Nina Xiang
China Showing No Signs of Slowing - ABC News
China Quizzes Audit Giants on Foreign Regulator Contact - Reuters
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China Companies Evading Rule with U.S. Listings Stump Regulators - Bloomberg Businessweek
PCAOB Foreign Inspections - A Chinese Conundrum - Review of Securities and Commodities Regulation
U.S. and China Play Chicken Over Accounting - Barrons
Justice Department Probing Chinese Accounting - Reuters
VIE Company Structure said to be Clamped Down -
A Dreadful Choice: Whether to Annoy America or China - The Economist
A Chinese Listing Fitness Test (by Paul Gillis)  - The Wall Street Journal
SEC Serves Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu with Longtop Subpoena - Reverse Merger Report

SEC Wrestles With China - The Wall Street Journal
Offshored Audits: Boon or Bane? - A Plus
U.S. - China Auditing Row Could Prevent Future IPOs - ReutersVideo
Accounting Giant Finds Itself Caught Between Regulators - Shanghai Daily
Analysis: Deloitte Lands at Center of U.S. - China Clash - Reuters
SEC Move Against Deloitte Underscores Its Frustrations With China - The Wall Street Journal
SEC takes China-based Deloitte Unit to Court - Reuters

Member Spotlight - Amcham China Brief
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China Development Bank uses Big Four Clause  - International Accounting Bulletin
Newman: China Infected by Big Four Clauses - Accountancy Age
Challenges Auditing Chinese Firms - The Wall Street Journal
US Securities, Audit Officials Visit China Seeking Progress on Oversight of Listed Companies - Washington Post/AP
Reuters TV
U.S.-China Audit Talks Seen Making Only Modest Progress - Reuters
The Cost of Chinese Auditors,  The Wall Street Journal
The Wrong Part of China in Manhattan - Asia Times
Yahoo Bet on Alibaba Shows Risk in China's Legal Gray Areas - BusinessWeek
China Moves to Improve Accounting Industry - Financial Times
SEC Probes China Auditors - The Wall Street Journal
Auditors in China Burned by Cash Balance Scandals - CNBC
China's Second-Tier Firms Target the Big Four's Achilles Heel - Accountancy
Special Report - Chinese Stock Scams are the Latest U.S. Import - Reuters
Reverse Course - China Economic Review
PCAOB May Face Even Greater Challenges Gaining Access to China - BNA

Academic Publications

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Doctoral thesis at Macquarie Graduate School of Management:
The Big Four in China: Hegemony and Counter-hegemony in the Development of the Accounting Profession in China.

Emerald EFMD winner award 2011

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